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Memory Access Violation : Some possible solutions

Memory Access Violation : Some possible solutions
Answers too about what to do in case of Error Message “Memory Access Violation” Exiting Tally Tally Solutions. Its just like blue screen of Death in windows, you are thrown out of Tally and you are clueless what to do!!

I am presenting some common causes of this error message and its possible solutions. Applying these methods can help you but I would say that before doing anything just take a copy of your data on separate disk or folder for safety purpose.

The moment of occurrence of this problem can help us know why this problem is happening with our Tally. Lets examine case by case and their possible solutions.

When you start Tally, it immediately gives error and throws out of tally after giving the message.
The possible cause is that your default company is corrupted. Company needs to be repaired. Open tally.ini file and set Default Companies = No. Save the file and return to Tally. Come to company Info menu and press Ctrl+Alt+R to rewrite that company.

When you try to open my company it throws this error message.
That particular company is corrupted and needs repair. Perform the steps discussed above and if that doesn’t help then check for screen resolutions, choose 16 bit high color with small fonts and check.

When you try to print some report or document from Tally, It gives this error message.
If this message is coming then check for printer drivers. Remove unwanted printer drivers or remove all drivers and install the one you need. Check the paper size of report from print configuration in F12. Try defining correct paper size. If problem persist then you can check after reinstalling Tally.

While rewriting company data it worth noting that company you are rewriting should not be open, specially in network environment.
If nothing is working then send a mail at support

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