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  • Dear Asim,

    Try with zero writing but take a backup first
    # Go to Start > Run>Type (give space) (give space) ID number’ > Enter.
    Example: C:\Tally.ERP 9\Tally.exe C:Tally.ERP 9\Data 1806
    # Tally.ERP 9 will open
    # When the Company Info Menu opens press Ctrl + Alt + R.

    Best Wishes

  • Dear Admin,

    We are using tally 9.0 and it happened that Tally had a duplicate entry from two machines on the network and since it has duplicate item create, if we open the Tally it gives an error that it can not open due to duplicate error and we should debug.

    We tried restoring, backing up and rewriting the data, but still the problem persists. Any assistance?


  • Dear Vignesh,

    Take backup of your data and try zero re-writing

    Zero Rewrite Procedure
    The procedure to rewrite data forcefully is as follows:
    Go to Start
    Select Run
    Type Tally.exe followed by the 0
    (E.g.: C:\Tally.ERP 9\Tally.exe Data 0)

    Press Enter
    The Company Info Menu appears
    Press Ctrl + Alt + R.
    The List of Companies appear under the title Rewrite Company

    Best Wishes

  • Pls call me on my mobile no. 09711398548,I want to ask about filter screen where range information req.

  • Pls call me on my mobile no. 09426356260,I want to ask about How to mantain Material in @ out Report in tally .

  • my tally data lost plz urgent help me my mob. no.9271751803/7385553483 either send ur mail id then i will send my tally data

  • Dear sir,

    this is to inform you that its been in trouble to not opening telly . as shows windo .duplicate account

  • subodh kumar says:

    Dear sir

    i have tally 9.2
    * Invoices configure :- use additional Description(s) for item name – yes tally exit. but next time company open then this configure option no show .

    so plls. sir inform always this option yes show

  • saurabh goel says:

    I m saurabh plz help me in recovering the data i m getting the error exiting tally
    Chars:512(done 0)

  • i need clarification for real estate accounts in tally, how wie will treat agents for accounting purpuse, i mean which group we need to place

  • I have Tally ERP 9.0. i have created 1 item twice in the same name and tally has accepted the same, and now i am not able to open my company. I am facing an error debug location (ID:26133) is duplicated in company..
    Kindly suggest me what can i do..

  • I am facing a problem duplicate in a company, i hv rewrite the data as u told before opening co. But still the problem is same

    Do u hv any solution?

  • Pravah Shukla says:

    At times “DUPLICATE LEDGER” is created in Tally. If error like this is coming in Tally ERP 9 then the solution is follows:

    1. Open run and type Tally path with Data (space) error id (Here error id is 53598, it may 12345). Example : E:\TallyERP9\tally.exe Data 53598
    2. CTRL + ALT + R (For Rewrite) on Gateway of Tally and select the company to rewrite.
    3. After rewriting exit tally and re-open in normal way and check if problem persists.
    4. Repeat the process (1-3) until the error is resolved.

    It may also be taken care of that when ledger is created once and it does not reflect in Tally then one must exit Tally and re-open. You may see ledger. Prevention is better than cure :)

  • sir my tally 9 data is not working my data copy and past is not work and permission for all companies data please help my contact no 9842112527,892513392 pls help me

  • sir while I am opening the tally it ask for rewriting, when I select yes for rewriting after some minutes another error pop up and stating memory access violation. please help don’t know how to solve it

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