Payment Advice in Tally ERP 9

The Payment Advice option in the Banking menu allows the user to generate the payment advice sent to the suppliers / other parties along with the cheques/other instruments

Accessing Payment Advice :

  • Go to Gateway of Tally > Banking >Payment Advice
  • Select the required Ledger and press Enter
  • The Payment Advice screen displays the payment list of the selected ledger
  • F2: Period: Allows to change the period
  • Click Print or Press Alt+P.
  • The Payment Advice is displayed as shown:

49 comments on “Payment Advice in Tally ERP 9

  • pls send me how to creat banking manu in gateway of tally…….i dont show this manu in gateway of tally….how to creat the banking manu searching suppliers payment advice

  • Dear Rupali,

    Banking menu option is availble by default onwards Tally ERP 9 Rel 3.1
    Please check your Tally ERP 9 Release which you are using.

    Best wishesh

  • i have using tally erp9. i have a need payment advice in tally erp9 but when i go to Gateway of Tally > Banking > Payment Advice.but there are no find banking option. so what can i do for create banking option? pls guide me.

  • Dear Sandip,

    First check your Tally ERP 9 Release, latest release is Tally ERP 9 Rel 3.2.
    Check weather bank ledger you have in your comapny and you passed some payment entries with bank ledger

    Best Wishes


  • Dear Svita,

    While passing entries in “method of adjustment screen” write bill number
    It will display in payment advice screen

    Best Wishes

  • Sir,
    I Want To Say u that i want to activate bank C/C A/c transaction in tally. Supose we are work at company & we had a C/C a/c. i want to activate this entry in tally & when this over due date are show in tally time boundation of limit 45 days
    plz do somthing

  • I have deposited Vat Rs,. 112762. and pass payment entry in Vat payable. but it is showing less tax in vat computation.

  • Dear Shekhar,

    The Payment Advice report is used to generate Payment Advice / Bank Transfer letters to transfer Salary Amount from a specific bank account to the respective bank accounts of the employees based on the Salary Payment voucher. For more details refer to Salary Payment section.

    Best Wishes

  • Imran Ahmad says:

    Dear sir,

    when we passed Combined Payment Entry, how will print Payment advice to Individual Accounts….
    please send me Reply…

  • dear sir,
    am accountat and i never use tally in my life but that time i found job that i have to ork by tally the probleme none knews about this software the ask me tu used i try but i need some instruction please can you help me

  • sir,
    am using tally erp9 so, i want to know about payment voucher and please explain about references ex:agst ref,new ref…..

    thanking yo sir

  • Dear Chhunnasatya,

    While printing your payment voucher (after Alt + P ) in voucher printing screen press “back space” key
    Enable Print Payment Advice : yes

    and save it

    Best Wishes

  • Dear Sravan,

    New Ref and Advance Ref both we use to create a reference
    and to track that reference we use Agst. reference
    on account we use only for temporary purpose, we want to give effect to account and we do not know which reference will come so mean while we put on account
    But after words you have to correct.

    In short
    New Ref : While passing Bill Entry
    Adv Ref : When we received or pay money in advance before the bill
    Agst Ref : To track or close that reference which we created via New Ref or Adv Ref (means when we received money or pay money or give service against advance)
    On Account : Temporary purpose

    Best Wishes

  • Hi,

    I would like to modify the wordings in Payments, Will I be able to do this, pls. let me know.


  • Hi,

    I would like to modify the wordings in Payment Advice, Will I be able to do this, pls. let me know.


  • Dear Gopthree,

    Open your company
    Gate of Tally > Press F12 Configuration > Printing > Payment Advice Configuration

    Do the changes and save it.


  • Shaik Alaudeen says:

    Dear Admin,
    When the time of printing the payment advice, The Payment Voucher REF No. is not showing in print. Kindly help on this to close out the issue.

    Thanks & regards
    Shaik Alaudeen

  • i just wanted to know, how to adjust/show columns in payment advice screen?
    In the above picture, there are different columns for diffferent fields. eg- bill ref, bill date, due date. etc.
    but when i tried to print a advice, these columns are not printed.

    Awaiting your reply.

  • I have make payment of Salary from PAyroll thorugh One bank, where as employees have accounts in deffernt banks. I had tried to make payment through advice but ion advice only one or two employee of a banak are shown in staed of all employes. Is there any solution

  • while we take payment advice, payment advice total amount show diff amount compare to preview
    pls advice how to rectify the mistake

  • i am using telly erp9 i am not getting banking feature in gate of telly in utilites so any one help me to enable the banking option in gate way of telly

  • Sakthipriya says:

    while i am taking payment advice, it will show the company name.
    Please advice how can i rectify that briefly.

  • Sakthipriya says:

    while i am taking payment advice, it will not show our company name
    please advice how can i rectify that briefly.

  • Dear Sakthipriya,

    When you print the payment voucher (After pressing alt + P) on your right hand side button bar Titling Press Alt + T
    Enable print with Company Name : Yes

    and Save it

    Best Wishes

  • Dear Nishant,

    May be you are using old release of Tally.ERP 9.
    You have to configure banking feature in bank ledger and F11 Features for chq printing.

    Please mention your Tally.ERP 9 Release

    Best Wishes

  • Dear Admin

    when i am clearing the salary payable amount, there is still outstanding shown in the respective employee accounts why is it so??

    Thanks & Regards

  • hi,
    i need to print payment advice without the bill date. Just i need the bill no alone. Is that possible ?

  • hi

    In payment advice print only purchase discount is deducted is showing but debit note for the particular bill is not showing in the advice I want that debit note also to show in the payment advice. Please anybody help me how to enable the option in tally

  • Jayaramakrishnan says:

    Dear Sir,

    When I printed the payment advice I didn’t get the address of the party as shown in your example payment advice. to bring the party address what should i do? Even though by clicking Alt T and the print with company name is on yes i could not get the party address.Kindly let me kow what to do?

  • Dear Jayaramakrishnan,

    Please check the party ledger, while creating that party ledger are mention the address.
    If not then type the address in Party Ledger

    Best Wishes

  • Palaniswamy k says:

    We are making payments at month end for several suppliers in one Bank. But for printing payment advice we have to select every suppliers ledger. If it is possible to select the bank and for the transactions on that day, it will be easier to print payment advice continuesly to all suppliers. Is it possible?

  • Dear Freetha,

    May be you have customized the payment advice that’s why you are getting manager.
    You can contact same person form whom you did the customization he will help you for the saem

    Best Wishes

  • Chirag Soni says:

    Dear Admin,

    Please tell me how to create new bill payment advice without bank voucher.

    Thanks & Regards
    Chirag Soni

  • PARKASH SINGH 9968843276 says:

    hello sir/madam good evning sir i m using tally erp 9 seriesA Realese 4.91 sir go to gatway of tally bankin paymnt advice but not create bill and paymnt plz help thanx….

  • dear Sir,

    While priting payment advice from tally erp bill are tds deducted not shown continuosly. it show bills payment made continuosly and then after all TDS entries shows.

    how can i print relevant bill payment made below tds amount.

  • I am using Tally ERP9- 4.91. Mostly i make payment through two entries. One is journal and second is payment. In first entry, i deduct TDS in journal. Then i release rest payment in second entry of payment. When i do payment entry, i am not able to view of TDS adjustment in payment advice. Only rest amount is viewed in payment advice.
    Can i get help.


  • Dear Sir,
    After printing a payment advice of a transaction, it does not visible in list. How can we see itJ

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