Tally.ERP 9 Series A Release 4.5 14th January, 2013

The new Tally.ERP 9 Release 4.5 is available now!

FREE for all users of Tally.ERP 9.*

Tally.ERP 9 is the latest offering of the Tally software series. As with all Tally products, rapid updates are made available for the lifetime of the product via periodic releases, thereby providing the high level of business capability that millions of users trust. This migration is recommended for all Tally 9 licenses.

New Features :

x64Bit : 

Tally.ERP 9 Series A goes 64-bit with Release 4.5!
Tally.ERP 9 Series A Release 4.5 is a 64-bit native application. Since 64-bit can use a theoretical maximum of 16 exabytes of RAM – much more RAM than computers actually have, larger volume of data can be processed with increased speed.
This means, the 64-bit version of Tally is no longer restricted by the 32-bit memory limit; the only limiting factor could be the amount of RAM on your computer.

Benefits for the business :

  • Increased productivity through better performance and effective handling of large reports
  • Data-intensive tasks can be done with ease using the 64-bit native Tally.ERP 9 Series A application. Processing of massive quantities of real time data in the main memory provides quick results from analyses and transactions
  • This will solve the problem for large businesses (LMEs) that have the required infrastructure like hardware and operating system, but still are unable to use some of the data-intensive reports.

Voucher Type Security : 

Tally.ERP 9 Series A Release 4.5 brings with it Voucher Type Security, a feature which provides security control at the Voucher level. Business owners can control who can access which Voucher Type, and also the operation which can be performed on the same by that user. This includes restricting who Creates/Alters/Prints/has Full Access to the different types of Vouchers

Benefits for the business :

  • Administrator can create department-based and role-based access for different users, i.e. specify access to Voucher Types, based on the different areas of work
  • Administrator can provide or deny access for the level of activity to be performed on a Voucher by a user – access to Create/Alter specific Voucher Types/groups of Vouchers. This provides greater degree of control and higher personalisation.


Functional Enhancements :

Accounting Reports :

When the option Show Running Balance under F12: Configuration of Ledger Vouchers report was set to Yes, and the report was printed along with Bank Details, the amount specified under Bank Details appeared under the Debit column. The space provided between the components of Bank Details has been reduced to eliminate any confusion between bank details amount and the debit amount.

CST : 

For Forms Issuable,

  • In the Print Report, a field Date of Issue has been provided. This option will be available when the option Print Covering Letter is set to Yes
  • In the Covering Letter, a column Effective Date has been provided
  • Vch No. column has been enhanced to capture the Voucher Number of the transactions
  • Space for the columns Series Number and Form Number has been increased for better visibility.

And more……


The highlights of this release are listed below.

  • 64-bit native support application
  • Voucher Type Security
  • Single Login for group company
  • Reverse Charge Calculation

Tally.ERP 9 Feature Summary:

  • Quick to install and allows incremental implementation
  • Easy to customise
  • Powerful remote capabilities to boost collaboration
  • Audit & compliance services
  • Integrated support centre
  • Security management
  • Statutory processes
  • Manufacturer’s excise
  • Payroll

Click here for release notes

Click here for download

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