Tally.ERP 9 Series A Release 5.4.8, November, 2016

The new Tally.ERP 9 Release 5.4.8 is available now!

Whats new in Tally.ERP 9 Release 5.4.8

  • In Release 5.4.8, several product improvements and enhancements have been made in areas related to
    • Accounting,
    • Data Management,
    • Inventory,
    • Import/Export,
    • e-mailing,
    • TCS,
    • TDS,
    • VAT, and
    • remote accessibility.

Product Improvements

Accounting Vouchers

  • When a receipt voucher was created by allocating the entire receipt amount to On account in Bill-wise Details screen, and this receipt voucher was later altered to adjust against a sales bill for a partial amount, the sales bill value was not appearing in the Amount field. The Amount field was displaying the entire value of the receipt voucher. This issue is resolved.

Accounting Reports

  • When Cash Flow or Fund Flow report was exported month-wise to any format, the data in the exported file appeared only for the first month. For the remaining months, the data was blank. This issue is resolved.

  • In Balance Sheet columnar view (generated from horizontal format), the negative balances of sub groups belonging to any group were displayed as positive. This issue is resolved.

Contra Vouchers

  • While recording contra vouchers in single or double entry mode, by using cash ledgers created under the Cash-in-Hand group, in the Denominations For window under Bank Allocations, the denomination of 2000 is now provided.

Cash Deposit Slip

  • While printing the Cash Deposit Slip, if you have enabled Print Cash Deposit Slip?, the Cash Denomination section now displays the denomination of 2000. The denomination of 2000 is now displayed in the printed Cash Deposit Slip.

Data Management

  • The error Debug location error Internal error. MsgFile::Walk function status is fixed. If you are accessing Tally data from a shared network location, we urge you to:


  • A debit note recorded against a TDS purchase transaction with both, TDS and service tax ledgers, was being listed under Uncertain Transactions in TDS Form 26Q or Form 27Q report (with the exception type Expenses/purchase returns not linked with expense/purchase transaction). This issue is resolved.
  • When TDS expenses were booked against two parties, using same TDS nature of payment, and
    • Transactions recorded with the first party were for an amount greater than the single bill value.
    • Transactions recorded with the second party were for an amount lesser than the single bill value.

The value of transactions made with the second party were combined with transactions made with the first party, and displayed under Deduction at Normal Rate in TDS Form 26Q report. This issue is resolved.


  • A provision is made to copy the default accounting allocation configured in an item master to other stock items or groups.
  • The triangulation report is enhanced to display all tax liabilities under one heading – Sales/Liability. In case of purchases from unregistered dealers, the amount of tax liability recorded in the books and liability not recorded are displayed under different rows for each tax rate. This makes it convenient to know the tax liability.
  • In stock item master, when MRP was enabled and Tax Rate was provided, the Tax Rate updated last in the item master was applied for all items, when opened in alteration mode. This issue is resolved.
  • On drilling down from the triangulation report to the Voucher Register, the transaction in the Voucher Register was displayed in the order in which it was recorded, and not date-wise. This issue is resolved.
  • While printing sales invoice in simple format from display mode, the VAT ledger name and amount were not printed. This issue is resolved.


  •  Increase in minimum charges payable for Employer PF Administrative and Employer EDLI Administrative to Rs. 500/- and Rs. 200/- respectively, is supported.


And more…..


Click here for release notes

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3 comments on “Tally.ERP 9 Series A Release 5.4.8, November, 2016

  • We have made sale to out of state (Rajasthan) customer. We are based in Kolkata. We have show it as a local sale (as party purchased from our office in Kolkata). However, with Tally 5.4.8 version, it is showing as exception under ‘Uncertain Transaction’ ‘Tax Mismatch’.
    How to resolve this Exception?

  • Manish Varma says:

    i have tally ERP 9 old version, i want to upgrade tally ERP 9 but after come the GST, will i need again new tally ERP9 version

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