Shoper 9 POS

Features & Enhancements delivered from Shoper 7.2 till date

Merchandise Classification & Master Data
· Additional 27 user-defined attributes
· Simplified data import from Secondary to Primary Item Master database
· Prefix/ Suffix rules for Stock Number Generation
· Simplified Sales Tax configuration
· Size Serial Management

POS Operations
· Auto or Manual selection of Sales Promotions in Billing
· Sales promotions – Discounts
· Sales promotions – Offers
· Credit Invoicing at Point of Sale
· Change Mode of Payment post confirmation of bill
· Sales Advice Slips (helpful in multi-department billing)
· Sales Order Generation
· Service Billing
· Purchase Order/ Indent conversion to Sales Order
· User-defined Bill Suspension Numbering and Tracking
· Supply Chain Network management
· Service Order
· Cost Price Variation fixing

Printing Framework
· Print Engine (supports USB based printers. Caters to easier customisation of specific printing requirements.)

Stock Management
· Physical Verification normal & size wise
· Goods Inward normal & size wise
· Goods Outward normal & size wise
· Stock Taking normal & size wise
· Purchase Order/ Indent generation
· Purchase Order/ Indent Status Report
· Purchase Order/ Indent Import/ Export/ re-open

Retail Operations Management
· Sales Promotion Definition and Reports
· Price Revision Management and Reports
· Customer Mailer (e-Mail and Direct Mail)

Decision Support / Reports
· Stock Across Chain
· Image Reports for transactions
· Sales & Stock Grid Reports

· Layouts designing to print Barcodes on Laser/ Inkjet/ DOT Matrix printers
· Barcode label printing on Laser/ Inkjet/ DOT Matrix printers
· Storing Barcode Layout and printing on Barcode printers

Data Synchronisation
· Data Synchronisation based on rules defined at HO (mode and frequency of data exchange)
· Mode of communication between Point of Sale and Head Office – HTTP, FTP, Mail and Direct Copy

Tally Interface
· HSN Code mapping for VAT returns
· Tally Interface utilities for Delete Mapping, Change Masters, etc.
· Auto Mapping/ User Defined Mapping in Tally Interface

Database Management
· Database Archival (period-wise splitting of company data)
· Backup/ Restore and Compact operations based on access rights
· Database Management Utilities

Security Management
· Node/ Menu Authentication and Management

Extension Framework
· Extension Framework (provides a platform which allows certain degree of customisation in the standard Shoper 9 product)
· Hooks to update third party applications after saving transactions
· Documentation of database structure
· Hooks for custom data entry screens

· Compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 (32bit and 64bit)
· Automatic installation of SQL Server 2005 Express edition during Shoper 9 POS installation
· Custom Installer
· Live Update for customisations
· Live Update Downloader
· Simplified installation process
· Live Update enhancement
· Diagnostic Tool

· Customer specific customisation can be deployed through Custom Live Update

Disaster recovery
· Simplified restoration of backup after reinstallation
· Simplified disaster recovery from HO to POS

· Online Licensing
· Rental License (to rent Shoper 9 license by paying the requisite charges for a Month/Quarter/Year)
· Temporary license (to use Shoper 9 for seven days without the unlock key)
· Promotional Rental License
· Control Centre

· Access to Online Help from Shoper 9 application
· Access to Support Centre from Shoper 9 application
· Access to Live Chat from Shoper 9 application

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