Quick Setup in Tally ERP 9

Introducing a power wizard to simplify your tax configurations on Tally.ERP 9

Quick set up is a powerful wizard that will guide you to configure statutory masters required for the effective use of a particular statutory module. It is a one time, step-by-step configuration that will ensure the tax rates/percentage for various items and services, tax assessment number, name and designation of person incharge of business etc. are set up for your business accurately. It only takes few minutes to configure and if there is a change in the taxation policy in future, you will have to reconfigure the values. Quick setup is a single window statutory master configuration screen that allows configuring accounts and inventory masters required for every statutory module. Quick setup allows you to make required basic configurations to the masters to account statutory transactions. It also allows making advance configurations, wherever applicable. With quick setup you will be able to select the tax module of your choice in one step without having to go through the entire menu option.

Currently quick setup is available for the following taxation modules:

Tally.ERP 9 – Auditors’ Edition

Tally.ERP 9 – Auditors\’ Edition : Presentation

The auditor can also generate the required Financial Statements like Balance Sheet andProfit & Loss Account as per Schedule VI which needs to be submitted to the stake holders as per the format prescribed in Company’s act.

Highlights of Statutory Audit Tool

• Flexibility to compare data available in two different Companies

• Present the data in the required format for analysis and Audit

• Highlight specific exceptions

• Step by Step approach to conduct various analysis to find deviations

• Facility to apply sampling methods to filter transactions for vouching

• Provides the facility to perform audit and provide necessary audit comments

• Functionalities like Cut, Paste, Undo etc. have been provided to classify/re-classify
any default Tally Group/Ledger Balances to prepare the required reports.

Comprehensive Financial Statements as per Schedule VI

Using Auditors’ Edition of Tally.ERP 9 the following Financial Statements can be prepared as per the Schedule VI requirements as specified in Companies Act:

• Balance Sheet as per Schedule VI

• Profit & Loss A/c as per Schedule VI

Some of the salient features of Schedule VI Balance Sheet are:

• Can be generated with a single click

• Tally Default Groups (Business Groups) are mapped to Schedule VI groupings by default.

• Can be further regrouped as required (User defined)

• Flexible Schedule numbering

• Generation of Schedules

• Export to Excel for further formatting if required.

Some of the salient features of Schedule VI Profit & Loss A/c are:

• Sales & Income Groups are mapped to INCOME by default

• Expenses & Purchase Groups are mapped to EXPENDITURE

• Option to rename INCOME & EXPENDITURE is provided to support all industries

• Flexibility to regroup within INCOME & EXPENDITURE

• Flexible Schedule numbering

• Generation of Schedules

• Export to Excel for further formatting if required.

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3 Simple Steps to launch SMS

Want to start* using the SMS facility? All you need to do is just a one time setup of 3 simple clicks. Once you do that you are ready to start SMS-ing with your Tally.ERP 9!

Step 1
Register your Mobile number in Control Centre

Step 2
Select SMS access under Tally.NET features

Step 3
Enable SMS in Security Control

With the SMS feature in Tally.ERP 9, being connected with your business was never this easy.
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