Tally.ERP 9 Series A Release 4.6 26th April, 2013

The new Tally.ERP 9 Release 4.6 is available now!

FREE for all users of Tally.ERP 9.*

Tally.ERP 9 is the latest offering of the Tally software series. As with all Tally products, rapid updates are made available for the lifetime of the product via periodic releases, thereby providing the high level of business capability that millions of users trust. This migration is recommended for all Tally 9 licenses.

New Features :

Performance :

  • Listing of batches in Item Allocations screen has been optimised.

Printing & Rendering :

  • Release 4.6 brings with it additional ways to zoom in and out of print previews:
    • The ‘+’ and ‘-‘ keys
    • Ctrl+scroll wheel (mouse wheel)
    • Shift+scroll wheel (mouse wheel) for horizontal scrolling.

Also, the maximum level of zoom-in is increased to 600%. This will solve any visibility issues faced by users..


Functional Enhancements :

Accounting Reports :

  • An option, F7: Bill-Party wise, is provided in Bills Receivable, Bills Payable, and Group Outstanding reports. Clicking this option will display a report that provides party-wise information on outstanding bills. Party-wise subtotals and age-wise details are also available in this report. The user, therefore, need not navigate to Ledger Outstandings report of the respective party ledger every time to view the due amount.

Excise for Manufacturers :

  • In the Invoice Printing Configuration of an Excise Sales invoice, the option Print Excise ED/SHE Cess in words separately, if set to Yes for printing, will remain enabled.
  • An option Re-Processor is added to the Nature of Purchase list that appears in purchase invoice and in Excise Details screen of party ledger master. This option is used to record purchase of raw material from re-processors who have not obtained excise registration, and details of the same will be captured in RG 23 A Part I.

Excise for Dealers :

  • Facility to print company logo on excise debit note is provided.
  • Supplier Invoice No. will now be automatically captured in the Excise Details screen of excise purchase invoice when an excise purchase order is tracked

Payroll :

  • Tally.ERP 9 is compliant with the following Budget 2013-14 changes:
    • Tax Rebate U/s 87A of an amount equal to hundred per cent of income tax or an amount of ` 2,000, whichever is less, for an assessee being an individual resident in India, whose taxable income does not exceed ` 5,00,000.
    • Surcharge of 10% for individuals whose taxable income exceeds ` 1 crore per year.
    • Income Tax Benefit on interest on Home Loan (First Time Buyer) U/s 80EE for an amount not exceeding ` 1,00,000.

Service Tax :

  • Now, while using Auto Fill option in Payment voucher, Bank Ledger can be created by pressing Alt+C from Cash/Bank field of the Statutory Payment screen.
  • An option Print Category as Taxable Service is added to the F12: Print Configuration options for sales invoices, professional receipts, and advance receipts. Setting this option to Yes will print the service category as “Taxable Service” on the invoice/receipt, instead of the service category specified during voucher entry.
  • The following options have been added to the List of Organisations in the Company Service Tax Details screen of F11: Features > F3: Statutory & Taxation:
    • Limited Liability Partnership
    • A Firm
    • Hindu Undivided Family
    • Government
    • An Association of Persons/Body of Individuals
    • Artificial Juridical Person
    • A Local Authority
  • In keeping with the restoration of service-specific accounting codes, the service category Taxable Service in Tally.ERP 9 will not be available for recording entries dated 1.4.2013 and later.


  • The field Tax Assessment Number is replaced by Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number in F11: Features > F3: Statutory & Taxation and the relevant TDS and TCS reports.
  • A new field, Cheque/DD Date, is provided in the Provide Details screen that appears when S: Stat Payment button is used to record payment entries for TDS and TCS. The date entered here will be captured in TDS Challan 281. Also, to capture the same, a new column Cheque Date has been provided in TDS Challan Reconciliation report.
  • The TAN entered in TDS/TCS Details screen of F11: Features > F3: Statutory &
    Taxation, and the PAN entered in party Ledger Creation/Alteration screen will be
    validated for structure. That is,

    • TAN will be checked for 4 alphabetic, 5 numeric, 1 alphabetic characters, in that order
    • PAN will be checked for 5 alphabetic, 4 numeric, and followed by 1 alphabetic characters, in that order. The 4th character will be checked for a valid deductee type (C, P, H, F, A, T, B, L, J, G).
  • An option Is Proprietorship Firm is provided in TDS/TCS Details screen of F11: Features > F3: Statutory & Taxation. The option has to be set to Yes so that the name entered in Name of person responsible field of TDS/TCS Details can be captured in TDS Challans and returns as the proprietor’s name, instead of the proprietorship firm’s name.
    In addition, a new field, Name on PAN/IT No. is provided in Ledger Creation/Alteration screen for party ledgers. This will ensure that the name as per PAN is printed on TDS Certificate and returns.
  • An option Show Name on PAN/IT No. is provided in F12: Configure options of the following drilldown screens in TDS Computation report:
    • Expenses & Advances
    • Exempt in lieu of PAN available
    • Taxable Expenses & Advances
    • Deducted, Deducted at Normal rate, Deducted at Lower rate, Deducted at Higher Rate (No PAN)
    • Balance Deductable, Balance Deductable at Normal rate, Balance Deductable at Lower rate
      Setting this option to Yes will display the column Name on PAN in the aforementioned reports. Information entered in the Name on PAN/IT No. field of party ledgers will be captured in this column.
  • The TDS Computation report will by default sort information based on dates.
    In addition, the following Sorting Methods are provided under F12: Configure options, when drilled down to the Party Wise and Expense Wise screens from TDS Computation report:

    • Ref No (Decreasing)
    • Ref No (Increasing)
    • Nature of Payment (Decreasing)
    • Nature of Payment (Increasing)
  • An option Show PAN Number is provided under F12: Configure of the drill down screen for Exempt in lieu of PAN available in TDS Computation report.
    Note: Tally.ERP 9 Series A Release 4.6 is compatible with Stat.900 Version 188 onwards.

And more……


The highlights of this release are listed below.

Accounting Reports

  • View all Party Outstandings in Receivables, Payables and Group Outstanding reports with the new option ‘Bill-Party wise’ for a quick analysis


  • As per the Budget 2013-14 , the following changes are supported:
    • Tax Rebate U/s 87A of an amount equal to a) Rs. 2,000 per annum or b) Total tax amount whichever is less, for resident individuals with total taxable income up to Rs. 5,00,000
    • Surcharge of 10% for individuals whose taxable income exceeds Rs. 1 crore per year
    • Income Tax Benefit on interest on Housing Loan (First Time Buyer) U/s 80EE


  • Now ZOOM IN up to 600% in print preview of all reports / invoices using mouse and keyboard for enhanced visibility


  • TAN and PAN structure will be validated during creation to eliminate errors in filing returns
  • Now, Proprietorship firms can print TDS Challans and returns with proprietor’s name , as mentioned in PAN
  • TDS Computation report (Party/Expense Wise) can now be sorted based on Date, Ref No . or Nature of Payment

Tally.ERP 9 Feature Summary:

  • Quick to install and allows incremental implementation
  • Easy to customise
  • Powerful remote capabilities to boost collaboration
  • Audit & compliance services
  • Integrated support centre
  • Security management
  • Statutory processes
  • Manufacturer’s excise
  • Payroll

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