Available new stat 156 from 18th November, 2011

New Stat.900 Version is available free for existing Tally User

Major Enhancement are :

Value Added Tax

Gujarat :

  • The declaration form for movement of goods – Form 402 is provided
  • Effective from April 1, 2010 the VAT/Tax classifications – Interstate Sales @ 0.50% and CST @ 0.50% are provided. The value of entries recorded using these classifications will be currently captured only in VAT Computation report.
    Note: In the forthcoming Stat.900 releases, the functionality will be enhanced to capture the value of entries recorded using VAT/Tax class provided for 0.5% CST rate in CST Forms

Maharashtra :

  • The e-requisition facility is provided to export the details of interstate purchases against declaration forms and interstate sales recorded against Form E1/E2 to e_cform.xls file using Excel Spreadsheet format. The validated output file gets saved as e_cform-Rem.xls and the same needs to be uploaded to the Department website for obtaining the declaration forms.

Punjab :

  • Effective from April 1, 2010 the following VAT/Tax classifications are provided for invoicing
    job work/works contract:

    1. Input VAT @ 1% – (JobWork) / Purchases @ 1% (JobWork)
    2. Input VAT @ 4% – (JobWork) / Purchases @ 4% (JobWork)
    3. Input VAT @ 5% – (JobWork) / Purchases @ 5% (JobWork)
    4. Input VAT @ 12.5% – (JobWork) / Purchases @ 12.5% (JobWork)
    5. Input VAT @ 20% – (JobWork) / Purchases @ 20% (JobWork)
    6. CST – Works Contract @ 1% / Interstate Sales – Works Contract @ 1%
    7. CST – Works Contract @ 2% / Interstate Sales – Works Contract @ 2%
    8. CST – Works Contract @ 4% / Interstate Sales – Works Contract @ 4%
    9. CST – Works Contract @ 5% / Interstate Sales – Works Contract @ 5%
    10. CST – Works Contract @ 12.5% / Interstate Sales – Works Contract @ 12.5%
    11. CST – Works Contract @ 20% / Interstate Sales – Works Contract @ 20%
      The value of entries recorded using the aforesaid classifications will be currently captured only in VAT Computation report.
      Note: In the forthcoming Stat.900 releases, the functionality will be enhanced to capture the value of entries recorded using VAT/Tax class provided for aforementioned job work and works contract classifications in VAT/CST Forms.

Uttar Pradesh :

  • The CST Annexure A, Annexure B and revised CST Form – I are provided. Also the e-CST functionality is enhanced to facilitate export of data to templates provided for CST Annexures and revised form.


Release details of Stat900 version 156 (PDF file)

Download Stat 156

How to write a great resume

Know the purpose of your resume

The first thing that you need to understand is that a resume is not going to fetch you a job. It is the first step to get an interview call which will in turn land you in a job.

Back up your strengths,

While most of us like to flaunt off our strengths, a resume is just not the right place do to so. Any company or recruiter will get a better idea of your strengths when you relate it with your work/college experience, lest it might appear too vague.

Usage of language,

Like it or not, employers can judge your resume in no time. Using the apt language is the key to get interview calls. Simple English is appreciated over long, complex sentences. Avoid jargon, keep the titles short and crisp, be descriptive and stick to …

Order of details,

Ensure your education details follow ascending or descending order. Your prior work experience can help the recruiter gauge your skills and abilities. So put them first. While adding your other achievements, add the most recent ones on top.


Big fonts make the recruiter’s job easier. However, 11 or 12 is the smallest you can go. Do not use capitals all over your resume. Remember your goal is to communicate the message as crisply as possible. Stick to one font style.

Keep negativity at bay,

Spare your resume from any kind of negative information. Things that you hated about previous employer, personal opinions etc can create a negative impression about you.

Irrelevant information,

Don’t include irrelevant information like your religion, age or political affiliation. Just skip these! It might interrupt your chances of landing in an interview.

Sell your fish,

Remember you have to market yourself through your resume. However, never overdo it, as you might end up blowing your own trumpet. As long as you avoid this, your marketing efforts are sure to fetch you a job.

Length of your resume,

No matter how long you have worked, never let your resume run for more than one or two pages at the maximum. Bear in mind that no one will have the patience to flip them. Keep it short and to the point.

Read and re-read,

Once you are done, proof read your resume. Check for spelling errors, facts and other important factors. You could also take help from a friend, family or someone who has more experience than yourself.


First Ever Life Time Achievement Award Conferred on Bharat Goenka


Bangalore, Thursday, November 10,2011

Plan your success: Tally’s Bharat Goenka

Bharat Goenka, founder of Tally Solutions, was conferred Nasscom’s first lifetime achievement award in software products. Nasscom said: “With more than 2 million customers today, Tally is a shining beacon for thousands of product entrepreneurs in India. Goenka is often referred to as the ‘father of the Indian software product industry’, given the fact that he was amongst the first to develop products for the Indian market using just a personal computer more than three decades back. ” Tally grew by over 100% last year to Rs 210 crore, and expects similar growth this year. Goenka spoke exclusively to TOI on Wednesday:
How do you feel about the award?
It’s very overwhelming, especially when you get recognition from your peers and contemporaries. Still don’t know how to react to it. This year has been very special. I turned 50 this August, I’m celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary, Tally is celebrating its 25th year in business, and now this.

What would you advice product startups?
Plan your success. Don’t think about successfully making money, think about making a success. Define that success, and then work backwards. The way you chase your first hundred customers will decide Whether you get to a million or not. Most people lose their way if their first 100 or 1,000 customers give them adequate cash flow, profitability. Once that happens, there is no possibility of getting to a million. In our third year of operations we had 1,000 customers, and at that time my father said, ‘The market consists of those who use Tally and those who will use Tally’. So we took very clear decisions those days, set a clear strategic goal to get to a million customers. We refused to make money through services. If required, we provided free services. We knew that if services money started coming in, our people would stop chasing new customers.

For detail article click here

Tally @ NASSCOM Product Conclave – 2011

The Tally.ERP 9 Technology Platform

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) bring many strengths to the table – domain expertise, keen understanding of local business customs and processes, working experience on what it takes to cater to these markets across the solution life-cycle, managing commercials and support expectations.

Tally delivers a great platform with Tally.ERP 9 to manage finance & accounting, statutory compliance, audit features, remote access, support systems, product training and a wide partner ecosystem for sales, services and support.

This makes a strong case for partnerships with ISVs which will result in exponential benefits to all three stake holders – the business user, ISVs and the Tally Partner eco-system.

Integrations with Tally.ERP 9 : More here