Get Familiar with TallyPrime

Interactions in TallyPrime follow patterns that help you accomplish tasks with minimal learning. Understand these patterns so that you can try any feature.

Once you install TallyPrime, activate the license, and create a Company, you can start recording your business transactions. To make use of the flexibility of TallyPrime, and enhance your productivity, take a quick look at the interaction experiences and understand the patterns.

Home screen that you see when opening TallyPrime includes the top menu, Go To/Switch To buttons, Gateway of Tally, and buttons on the right hand side. These options aid in finding and opening different ledgers, vouchers and reports that help you accomplish your business tasks. There are multiple ways in which you can reach the desired destination. You can choose the ways you prefer.

Navigation across TallyPrime widely uses Enter key and Escape key. While there are different ways in which you can reach a destination, pressing Enter will take you to the next level of information, and Escape will take you back to the previous level, until you reach Gateway of Tally. The same Escape key will also let you close TallyPrime, with a confirmation. Similarly, you can use different key combinations to achieve what you want. In fact, you can navigate and control TallyPrime completely using a keyboard.

Data entry for recording different types of transactions are made similar to enhance learning, and retention of knowledge. Master creation is made simple by using similar actions wherever possible, and multiple ways to reach the create options.

Reports are presented in a hierarchical manner for easy analysis. While TallyPrime provides a large number of reports, reading and understanding the reports are simplified with similar interactions. When you open a report, summary data is provided for the most relevant report period. From there you can change the report period, presentation format, and so on, up to the value that forms the basis of the report. Consistent interactions make it easier for you to navigate, and memorise the steps.

Sharing data in printed formats, or in electronic file formats through e-mail or export is another facility available by default. You can share individual vouchers, or reports, as well as in bulk, with just a few key presses. Sending payslips to your employees, or reminder letters to your parties are equally simple.

Easy setup enables you to start using TallyPrime for recording your business transactions in a couple of minutes. While there are many features available out-of-the-box, you can decide to start with the minimal set, right away. You can start using the other features as and when you come across a business need. You can explore and use many features as your business grows and diversifies. This facility helps you to start simple, and gradually add more features as needed. Many features can be switched on and switched off as you want. Alternatively, you can start using all the features in the beginning, if needed.

Set up for personal preferences is another flexibility that you get to in order to use the application comfortably. Such configurations can be done independently for every installation of TallyPrime using F12 Configurations. Different types of ledgers and vouchers can have different configurations. In a similar way you can set your preferences for reports, printing, and other data communication options.

Home Screen

When you open TallyPrime, you can see a home screen with different items – a top menu bar with pull down options, the details of the Companies that are open, the Gateway of Tally menu, and a button bar on the right-hand side of the screen.

Gateway of Tally

Top Menu has options to manage your Companies, TallyPrime application, users in your Companies, and your data storage & sharing. This menu and child items in the menu are accessible from any screen in TallyPrime. Help menu has options to launch TallyHelp and to upgrade your application to a newer release of the product. Availability of a newer release is indicated with a red dot notification on the menu name Help. Other options under the Help menu include What’s New,  TallyShop for buying add-ons, Troubleshooting to repair your application and data in case there are issues, Settings to configure your application, TDL & Add-On to manage your extensions/customisations, and an About report that shows the details of your TallyPrime installation and its environment.

Shortcuts form an easy way to interact with TallyPrime. Shortcut/hotkey to access each option in the top menu is shown in bold capital letter that is underlined, or F1. When the shortcut has a single underline, you can just press Alt and the letter key to access the corresponding option. Shortcuts without underline work with the single key press. When you access any of the menu items, a list of options grouped under the menu item opens, and you can access each using the corresponding shortcut or mouse. For example, Alt+K > C will open Company Creation screen.

Tip: You can use just the keyboard to interact with TallyPrime if you prefer so. You can also comfortably use mouse. This is possible on all screens in TallyPrime.

Go To option on the top menu helps you to quickly access any report or feature that you want to use. Any screen that you access using Go To will open on top of the current screen, and closing the screen will take you back to the screen that was open earlier. You can use Alt+G to access Go To. The option Switch To is placed with Go To as a toggle to help you move from the current screen to any other screen. You can use Ctrl+G to access Switch To.


How to Download, Install and Activate TallyPrime

You can start using the TallyPrime features in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is download the setup file, install TallyPrime, and activate the license.

If you are a new user, create a company, and start recording your transactions. You can create all ledgers needed to maintain your accounts while recording transactions. In case you want to try TallyPrime before buying it, or you are a student, you can use the Educational version.

If you are using an earlier version of Tally, upgrade to TallyPrime, and continue your business as usual.


Download and Install TallyPrime

You can download the application setup from Tally Solutions website. After downloading the setup files, install the application on your computer. Installation steps remain the same regardless of the TallyPrime edition you have purchased.

You can install TallyPrime on any computer with 64-bit edition of Microsoft Windows 7 or later.

  1. Download the setup files.
    1. Go to
    2. Click Download.
    3. Select the folder where you want to save the setup.exe file.
    4. Click Save.
  2. Install TallyPrime.
    1. Double-click setup.exe.
    2. Double-click Install New.
      Install new TallyPrime
    3. Configure Application Path, if needed.
      By default, the application will be installed at C:\Program Files\TallyPrime.

      • Click Configure.
      • Double-click Application Path.
      • Click … and change the path as needed.
        Note: If you are already using Tally.ERP 9, it is recommended that you install TallyPrime in a different folder. This will allow you to use both the products simultaneously, if needed.

        List of configurations for installation of TallyPrime

      • Close the List of Configurations window.
    4. Click Install.
      The application gets installed, and the following window opens.
    5. Click Start TallyPrime to launch TallyPrime.

You can activate the license and start using TallyPrime.

New Users – Activate License

If you have purchased a single user Silver License, you can activate the license on one computer. If you have a multiuser Gold License, you need to activate the license on one computer on the LAN, and configure all other installations using the same license.

Activate New License

  1. Start your TallyPrime. The Welcome to TallyPrime screen appears.
    Activate TallyPrime license
  2. Click Activate New License.
  3. If you have a Single-Site license, enter your Serial Number, Activation Key, and Administrator e-mail ID.Activate TallyPrime license
    Note: The e-mail ID provided here will be linked to your account, and used for all future communication and licensing activities.
  4. Press Enter to proceed. The Unlock License screen appears.
    Unlock TallyPrime license
  5. Enter the Unlock Key sent to your e-mail ID.
    Note: If you have not received the unlock key, press F2 (Get Unlock Key).
  6. Press Enter to unlock your license.
    After your license is unlocked, the following message appears.

After activating the license, you can create your first Company and start using TallyPrime for business transactions.

Depending on the size and scale of your business, you can have different setups.

Try it for free | Educational version

If you want to try TallyPrime before you buy, or just want to learn how to use the product, you can use the Educational version for free. You can try all features in the product, just with the restriction that voucher dates are limited to 1, 2 and 31.

  1. Start your TallyPrime. The Welcome to TallyPrime screen appears.
  2. Click Try It For Free.
    Use Educational mode

You can start using TallyPrime in Educational mode. The window title will be in dark green colour and will show EDU under the product name.



The all-new TallyPrime is a business management software that provides a complete business solution to manage the growing needs of small and medium businesses. Using TallyPrime, you can manage invoicing, accounting, inventories, banking, taxation, payroll and much more. The robust features understand your business needs and simplifies the lives of business owners through simple to use software, insightful reports, multi-task capability and much more.

With a wide range of features, the all-new TallyPrime can be your perfect business companion. Here is the list of TallyPrime’s features:

  • Simplified Interface
  • Insightful Business Reports
  • Invoicing & Accounting
  • GST / Taxation
  • Inventory Management
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Multitasking Capabilities
  • Go To feature
  • Access business data Online
  • Secured Data

Let’s explain some of the key features of TallyPrime.

Top 10 TallyPrime Features

  • Simplified Interface

Getting started with TallyPrime is extremely simple. You can set up the application in less than a minute and get started with invoicing in the even faster

Feature 1: Tally Prime Simple Interface yet powerful & fast

  • Insightful Business Reports

TallyPrime comes with more than 400 business reports which are readily available with powerful insights that will allow you to make informed decisions for the growth of your business. TallyPrime’s amazing flexibility allows you to slice and dice your reports and look at them the way you want, the way it works for your business. At a click of a button, you can change the view, modify the parameters of reports and much more.

Insightful and Powerful Business Report


  • Invoicing & Accounting

TallyPrime makes it amazingly simple to create and record invoices. Optimized invoice components, host of configurations, multiple billing modes and so on.. makes TallyPrime really moulding to your business.  The wide variety of TallyPrime’s features such as multi-currency, price level, sales and purchase management etc. makes it a simple accounting system.

Feature 3: Invoicing & accounting feature in Tally Prime


  • GST/ Taxation

With TallyPrime, you can generate GST compliant invoice in seconds. You can generate different types of GST invoices such as tax invoice, bill of supply etc. automatically. The renowned ‘Prevention – Detection – Correction’ technology of TallyPrime helps you generate and file accurate returns always. Using TallyPrime’s features, you can also manage TDS, TCS and payroll statutory such as PF, ESI and employee income tax.

Feature 4: GST Compliance

  • Inventory Management

The features of TallyPrime’s make it one of the most flexible system for optimal inventory management.  With a wide variety of features in TallyPrime such as godown management, stock valuation, manufacturing, batch and expiry date, job costing etc., and the powerful inventory reports makes inventory management a cakewalk.

Feature 5: Powerful Inventory Management in Tally Prime

  1. Multi-task capability

TallyPrime supports multi-tasking and helps you handle the day-to-day interruptions. You are in the middle of the sales invoice but want to record another new sale? Or in the middle of making a payment entry but want to refer to outstanding report before proceeding? Or want to print another report being in middle voucher entry? Using TallyPrime, you will be able to handle many such situations without the hassle of switching between multiple instances of Tally or the worry of losing your progress

  • Cash Flow Management

By increasing the efficiencies in accounts receivable, accounts payables, inventories, and several other areas of business, TallyPrime helps you optimise cash flows. Using TallyPrime’s features, you can automate and keep a complete track of accounts receivables and payables cycle.  With powerful inventory features such as re-order level and actionable insights such as fast/slow-moving goods, item-wise profitability etc. you can plan your investment and be on top of your cash flow.

Feature 6: Cash Flow Management Like Never Before in Tally Prime

  • Multi-task capabilities

TallyPrime supports multi-tasking and helps you handle the day-to-day interruptions. You are in the middle of the sales invoice but want to record another new sale? Or in the middle of making a payment entry but want to refer to outstanding report before proceeding? Or want to print another report being in middle voucher entry? Using TallyPrime, you will be able to handle many such situations without the hassle of switching between multiple instances of Tally or the worry of losing your progress.

Feature 7: Multi-Tasking Capabilities in Tally Prime

  • Go To feature

With TallyPrime, discovering insights just got easier. This is made possible with TallyPrime’s new and powerful search bar called “Go To”. Using Go To, you can search and find the things you didn’t know Tally could do for you and discover new insights to run your business better.

Feature 8: The most powerful one is “Go To” feature of Tally Prime

  • Access business data Online

TallyPrime gives you the ability to view business reports online from the comfort of a web browser, wherever you are with the promise that your data will always rest with you.

Feature 9: Access business data online. Anytime, Anywhere

  • Secure data

We understand that your business data is sensitive and ensure that you will always remain in custody of it. With multiple user access control and feature-based security, levels ensure that access to your data is restricted based on your choice

Feature 10: Above all your business data is secured and safe in Tally Prime

To summarize, TallyPrime is a comprehensive business management software for small and medium business. By helping you meet your growing business needs, better control over cash flow, optimized inventory management, tax compliance etc. makes TallyPrime the perfect companion for your business. There are several features in TallyPrime which are sure to delight you, most of which would need to be experienced to truly feel their power.