How to Create and Use Barcodes for Inventory Management with TallyPrime

TallyPrime is one of the most widely used business management software that allows you to get complete control over your inventory, from managing, tracking, and reordering it to much more. One of its key features is barcode assignment.

TallyPrime lets you quickly assign barcodes to your inventory, which makes inventory management and tracking a breeze. But how can you best use TallyPrime’s barcode feature for efficient inventory management? Read on to know more about the same.

5 vital things you should know before using barcodes with TallyPrime

  • Be clear on the type of barcode standard you would want to match your line of business. Some of the common barcode scanners that TallyPrime supports are Universal Product Code and International Article Number.
  • Next, you need a proper barcode generator that is in line with the barcode scanner you have selected.
  • Every item in your stock should be assigned a unique barcode.
  • In TallyPrime, you can choose a barcode that has a maximum of 32 characters.
  • When using the barcode scanner on your inventory, the appropriate software should be installed in your system, and the scanner should be connected to your system at all times.

A brief overview of the steps involved in barcode creation in TallyPrime

Before you know about these steps to create barcodes in the software, it would be a good idea to have a customised module of TallyPrime to suit the nature of your business

  • You will first assign barcodes to your stock items in TallyPrime by opening a particular item in the master file.
  • When you open this item, you will find the name of this item in the left-hand corner. Below this field, you will notice a field named, “Alias”. Here, you can enter the unique barcode for that item.
  • Please remember to press Ctrl-A after entering the code, to save the details. This way, the code will come up automatically whenever you enter the name of the item in the TallyPrime module.

Steps to generate vouchers, using the barcodes you have created:

  • To create a voucher, press Alt+G on the main module page.
  • Now, press F8 to view the sales page.
  • In the page that appears, you will find the field, “Name of item”. Keep your cursor in this field, and use the barcode scanner to scan the codes on the items. You will notice that the unique barcode of that particular item will automatically appear on the screen now.
  • All you need to do is enter the rate and quantity of the items, and the amount gets calculated automatically.
  • You can now save the voucher after entering the relevant GST details.
  • With this process, you can now create sales, purchases and other transactions within minutes, thanks to the automatic barcode generation feature of TallyPrime.

Why choose TallyPrime for assigning barcodes to inventory?

Have you wondered how using barcodes with TallyPrime will help you have better control over your inventory than before? Here are some points that will clear any ambiguity you might have:

  • Simple to use – Once you have the proper system in place, including the required software to create and print barcodes, you will have almost finished the process of assigning barcodes to your inventory. This process is simple, and with a single scan, all the details of your inventory get recorded into your system for easy management and tracking.
  • Good value for money – Using TallyPrime and a good barcode generator would cost your business only a few thousand of rupees. However, the value it generates is priceless, as it helps you manage all your inventory (across all locations) from a single point with utmost efficiency. The peace of mind you get when you have taken professional care of your inventory cannot be explained in words.
  • Accurate data at all times – Data accuracy plays a big part in the success and integrity of your business. With the barcode system of TallyPrime, you can be sure of data accuracy at all times because manual intervention is reduced considerably.
  • Guaranteed safety of inventory – When you have proper barcodes assigned to your inventory, you don’t have to worry about them getting lost or destroyed in transit. You can easily track the status of your inventory with these codes, and ensure that they get delivered to the right customers at the right time. Every type of inventory is assigned a specific code; hence, there are no chances of duplications or missing stock.
  • Better management of inventory across different locations – Without the help of technology and sophisticated software tools such as TallyPrime, it is almost an impossible task to manage and track inventory in different locations. With a single, centralised system, you can fulfil all customer orders by tracking your stock levels in multiple locations.
  • Increased speed, efficiency and accuracy – With Tally’s barcode system, you can increase the speed and efficiency of your inventory management. You don’t have to spend time manually recording the inventory as the items enter/leave your warehouse. You can rely on the automated processes of the software to do the job perfectly for you. This way, you have enough time on your hands to concentrate on other core areas of your business.

How to Easily Shift/Migrate Your Data to TallyPrime

Many businesses use Excel spreadsheets to manage their books of accounts. While this setup may be enough for a small organisation, businesses find it necessary to adopt an accounting software when they begin scale their operations. Adopting a new software comes with its difficulties.

When you start to use the new software for your accounting operations, the first step you will need to perform is entering all of your spreadsheet data into the new system. For many software products in the market this is a manual task.

With TallyPrime you can easily migrate your excel data to the software. The latest version of TallyPrime 4.0 has a handy Excel Import function. As the name suggests, this feature will help you to migrate all the data from your Excel files to the software without any manual effort.

Steps to migrate data to TallyPrime from an Excel worksheet

Given below are the steps to migrate data from Excel spreadsheet to TallyPrime

  1. Click on Alt+O, and then choose the Configurations from the Import Screen.
  1. You will see the List of Configurations on the screen now. Click on the Show More option to view the entire list.
  2. In this list, there are two sections—General and Banking. Here are the options you will see under the Banking section:
    • Location of the Import/Export Files—Choose where to save the file after successful import or export.
    • The behaviour of Import when exceptions exist—When the original file has some exceptions (like missing data or invalid data), how do you want to import it to TallyPrime? Choose if you want to ignore the exceptions, import with exceptions, or stop the import when you notice the first exception.
    • Overwrite vouchers—Set the option to “Yes”. This way, duplicate vouchers will be overwritten if the export and import files are of the same company.
    • Removal of invalid characters—Set the option to “Yes”. This way, invalid characters like additional spaces, tabs and other noise characters will be removed from the Excel file before importing.
    • Import batch size—How many files do you want to import at a time? You can set the batch size accordingly here.
    • Enable detailed log—Do you want to see a detailed log of errors during data import? Set the option as per your preferences.

Once you follow these steps, your data gets seamlessly migrated to TallyPrime so that you can continue your business operations effectively.


Advantages of migrating data to TallyPrime

  • With only a few clicks, you can migrate all the data on your vouchers, customer orders and other external software to TallyPrime. This saves you a great deal of time and effort while eliminating manual errors.
  • Thanks to the import functionality in TallyPrime, you can import any data in the new software at your convenience. Even if the original file has invalid data, missed data, or unorganised data, you can easily import to their respective fields on TallyPrime.
  • Once you import the data in TallyPrime, you can save this template for later use for similar kinds of data. It also provides several samples, which you can use to import your data to get the correct data in the proper fields within minutes. You can even customise a template as per your preferences.
  • When you import data to TallyPrime, you can also select the option of seeing detailed error logs. This helps you check for possible log errors, and correct them automatically. These logs will help you avoid similar errors in the next batch of imports.