Available new stat 177 from 30th July, 2012

New Stat.900 Version is available free for existing Tally User

Major Enhancement are :


Karnataka : 
  • For the revised VAT rates of 5.5% and 14.5%, the following VAT/Tax Classifications are provided effective from August 1, 2012:

VAT/Tax Classifications for Purchases/Input VAT

  • Input VAT @ 5.5% / Purchases @ 5.5%
  • Input VAT @ 14.5% / Purchases @ 14.5%
  • Input VAT – Works Contract @ 5.5% / Purchases – Works Contract @ 5.5%
  • Input VAT – Works Contract @ 14.5% / Purchases – Works Contract @ 14.5%
  • Purchases – Capital Goods @ 5.5%
  • Purchases – Capital Goods @ 14.5%
  • Purchase Tax @ 5.5%
  • Purchase Tax @ 14.5%
  • Purchase From URDs – Taxable Goods @ 5.5%
  • Purchase From URDs – Taxable Goods @ 14.5%
  • Input Tax Credit on Purchase From URDs @ 5.5%
  • Input Tax Credit on Purchase From URDs @ 14.5%

VAT/Tax Classifications for Sales/Output VAT

  • Output VAT @ 5.5% / Sales @ 5.5%
  • Output VAT @ 14.5% / Sales @ 14.5%
  • Output VAT – Works Contract @ 5.5% / Sales – Works Contract @ 5.5%
  • Output VAT – Works Contract @ 14.5% / Sales – Works Contract @ 14.5%

VAT/Tax Classifications for Interstate Transactions

  • Interstate Purchases @ 5.5%
  • Interstate Purchases @ 14.5%
  • CST @ 5.5% / Interstate Sales @ 5.5%
  • CST @ 14.5% / Interstate Sales @ 14.5%

The value of entries recorded using the aforesaid classifications will be currently captured only in VAT Computation report.

Note: In the forthcoming Stat.900 releases, the functionality will be enhanced to capture the value of entries recorded using VAT/Tax classifications provided for 5.5% and 14.5% VAT rates in VAT Forms.

Excise for Manufacturers : 

  • In Annexure 10 the column – Nature of Supplier is provided

Release details of Stat900 version 177 (PDF file)

Download Stat 177

Available new stat 176 from 27th July, 2012

New Stat.900 Version is available free for existing Tally User

Major Enhancement are :


West Bengal : 
  • The e-filing functionality is enhanced as per:
    • Version 4.0.0 of e-VAT validation tool.
    • Version 3.2.0 of e-CST Annexure validation tool

Delhi : 

  • As per the recent changes done in Delhi VAT Department software, e-filing of Annexure 2A and 2B excel templates are enhanced to capture the TIN numbers starting with ‘0’

Release details of Stat900 version 176 (PDF file)

Download Stat 176

Available new stat 175 from 24th July, 2012

New Stat.900 Version is available free for existing Tally User

Major Enhancement are :


Daman & Diu : 
  • The e-VAT feature is introduced to export data of VAT Annexures using Excel Spreadsheet format to excel template files for XML Conversion as prescribed by the Department
Uttarakhand : 
  • The e-VAT feature is introduced to export data of Form III in Excel Spreadsheet format to excel template – FormIII_(Version_1.2)_1.xls as prescribed by the Commercial Tax Department.
Haryana : 
  • The values of entries recorded using VAT/Tax classifications provided for:
    • Works contract taxable at 4%, 5% and 12.5% are captured in Form VAT-R1 and Annexures.
    • 15% VAT rate are captured in Form VAT-R1 and Annexures

Delhi : 

  • For Composite VAT enabled companies, Annexure 2A is provided to capture summary of  purchases made.

Release details of Stat900 version 175 (PDF file)

Download Stat 175

Available new stat 174 from 19th July, 2012

New Stat.900 Version is available free for existing Tally User

Major Enhancement are :

Excise for Manufacturers :

  • The performance of RG23A Part II has been optimised.
  • In RG23A Part II and RG23C Part II, the column – Name of Supplier is provided to capture the supplier name.
Service Tax :
  • For Service Tax, New Accounting Code for payment of service tax under the Negative List approach to taxation of services is provided with effect from the first day of July 2012.

Payroll :

  • The functionality is enhanced to capture income/exemption from only the present employment in Form 16. In F12: Configuration of Form 16, the option – Include Previous Employer Details is provided to include the income/exemption details from previous employment also.


Bihar : 
  • The functionality of e-VAT Forms and Annexures are enhanced as per the requirements of latest e-VAT templates.
Punjab : 
  • The e-VAT functionality is enhanced for Form VAT 15 and 23 as per the latest e-VAT templates.
Uttarakhand : 
  • The functionality of VAT return Form and Annexures are enhanced to support the value of entries recorded using the VAT/Tax Classifications provided for 5% and 8% VAT rates
West Bengal : 
  • The fields – Despatch Doc. No., date and Despatched through are provided in Party Details screen of Purchase Invoice. The details entered here for purchases recorded using VAT/Tax class – Consignment/Branch Transfer Inward are captured in Annexure F.

Release details of Stat900 version 174 (PDF file)

Download Stat 174

Available new stat 173 from 9th July, 2012

New Stat.900 Version is available free for existing Tally User

Major Enhancement are :

Excise for Dealers :

  • On selecting the nature of purchase – From Agent of Importer (Consignment Agent) and From Agent of Importer in an excise purchase invoice, the Importer details get captured in the Excise Sales invoice, Form-2, RG23D, Sales and Purchase Extract and
  • The functionality is enhanced to capture the Importer Exporter Code (IEC) entered in Party Details screen of excise purchase invoice in excise sales invoice and e-return.
Payroll :
  • In the Reason for Leaving field of Employee master, the list of Reasons for Leaving provided as per statue gets displayed for selection. Based on the reason selected the code gets captured in PF ECR report.
Delhi : 
  • The CST Form-2A (Requisition Account of Declaration Forms) is provided.

Release details of Stat900 version 173 (PDF file)

Download Stat 173

Tally.ERP 9 Series A Release 3.6. 9th July, 2012

The new Tally.ERP 9 Release 3.6 is available now!

FREE for all users of Tally.ERP 9.*

Tally.ERP 9 is the latest offering of the Tally software series. As with all Tally products, rapid updates are made available for the lifetime of the product via periodic releases, thereby providing the high level of business capability that millions of users trust. Highlights include a very light product footprint, immediate access to new features and enhancements, easy data migration and more.

Major Enhancement :

Schedule VI – Financial Statements : 

Every company registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956, is required to prepare its Balance Sheet, Statement of Profit and Loss, and the notes thereto in accordance with Schedule VI of the Act. Schedule VI has now been revised by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in order to keep the disclosure requirements in concurrence with the objective of achieving a fair and uniform presentation of financial information.

The Balance Sheet and Statement of Profit and Loss as per the Revised Schedule VI are supported in Tally.ERP 9.

Audit Tools : 

Now you can not only maintain financial data on Tally.ERP 9, you can also make it ready for audit - AuditReady!
Tally.ERP 9 offers auditing tools which will help you ensure that your books of accounts are maintained as per statutory requirements

Banking : 

  • Auto Bank Reconciliation
  • Cheque Management
  • Cheque Printing Configuration
  • Cash Deposit Slip

Live Updates and Communication : 

  • Message Centre
  • Tally Live Updates

Password Policy : 

Keeping financial data safe is of utmost importance for every organisation. A good password policy strengthens the security of your data. With Tally.ERP 9, an administrator can decide and set a sound password policy to ensure data security.


Other Enhancement :

Crash/ MAV/ Data : A dump file, tally.dmp, gets generated when Tally.ERP 9 crashes

Printing and Rendering : The option Print Party Name and Address from left margin in invoice is provided in the F12 Print General Configurations. This facility is given only for Quick/ Draft format of print.

Accounting Reports  : The facility to print Closing Balance of a Ledger is now provided while printing Ledgers from Multi-Account Printing.

Excise for Dealers : For the Nature of Purchase – Manufacturer’s Depot, the facility is provided to capture Manufacturer’s Invoice Number, Date and Quantity supplied in Excise Purchase Invoice.

Excise for Manufacturers : The functionality of Daily Stock Register has been enhanced to capture Opening Balance from Stock Item Master (excise item) in One Item and Tariff–wise report irrespective of excise transactions recorded in the company data .

And more……

The highlights of this release are listed below.

  • Tally Extensions
  • Payroll Income Tax – Budget related changes are done
  • Enhancements for Excise Dealer and Manufacturers
  • A new feature called Tally Extensions has been provided to deploy additional product features from Tally Solutions
  • Many More

Tally.ERP 9 Feature Summary:

  • Quick to install and allows incremental implementation
  • Easy to customise
  • Powerful remote capabilities to boost collaboration
  • Audit & compliance services
  • Integrated support centre
  • Security management
  • Statutory processes
  • Manufacturer’s excise
  • Payroll

Click here for release notes

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