Available new stat 122 from 8th September, 2010

New Stat.900 Version is available free for existing Tally User Major Enhancement are :

Excise for Manufacturers

In Annexure 10 report S: Show All button has been provided to view the details of other
stock items purchased under the document along with the main item of the document.


An Additional column has been added to the PF Monthly Statement which displays the
Serial Number (S.No.) for each line item.

Tax Deducted at Source

An additional option Print Government details also is provided in F12: Configuration of
Printing TDS Form 16A. Using this option user can configure to print or not to print Government
details in Form 16A


The revised Form VAT 120 is provided as per the e-filing requirements.

The VAT Payment Challan – Form VAT – 2 is provided.

Release details of Stat900 version 122 (PDF file )

Download Stat 122

What’s the advantage of Tally.Net subscription renewal ?

    1. Tally user will continue to enjoy all latest Product & Statutory features
    2. Tally user can/allow access data Remotely  – Data Connectivity between HO & BO
    3. Tally user can ask CA for Remote Audit – Managing Company Audit Remotely
    4. Data Synchronization between HO & BO – Entire Branch Management system
    5. Latest Features of  Taxation & Statutory like – TDS , VAT, CST , Service Tax, Excise, & Payroll
    6. Latest Features enabled exclusively for CA – Audit Capability & Statutory Compliances including, Schedule IV- Balance Sheet, Audit Journal, Form-3CD..many more
    7. Tally data on Mobile – SMS Features – Any time send SMS to your Tally & retrieve any info @ mobile by SMS
    8. Free Features Extension  – 21 Utility Modules enabled in New releases

      Opening balance for Input Tax Credit

      How to  provide the opening balance for Input Tax Credit in a new Company?

      Yes, it is possible to provide the Opening Balance for Input Tax Credit in a newly created company by giving the amount in the Opening Balance field followed by Dr for the Input VAT Ledger grouped under Duties & Taxes and Type of Duty/Tax as VAT. The opening balance will be displayed in the VAT Computation and the respective Forms. Selection of Vat/Tax class is optional.