Available new stat 219 from 14th February, 2014

New Stat.900 Version is available free for existing Tally User

Major Enhancement are :

Local Body Tax :

Maharashtra :

Local Body Tax (LBT), is the tax imposed by and payable to the local civic bodies on the entry of goods into a local area for consumption, use or sale therein. The LBT feature is now introduced for the State of Maharashtra in Tally.ERP 9 with the facility to:

  • Enable multiple LBT zones for a Company
  • Single Party ledger can be configured for Multiple LBT Zones
  • Single Stock item can be configured for multiple Classification by selecting the required goods at the applicable tax rate for multiple LBT zones
  • Create Stock items by selecting the required goods at the applicable tax rate for multiple LBT zones
  • Record purchases by selecting Party ledgers and Stock items configured for LBT
  • Generate the Computation report on taxable, non-taxable and classified purchases
  • Map the unclassified purchases, create the liability, record payment voucher and generate payment challan from the Computation report
  • Generate Purchase Register
  • Print Sales Invoice as per the format prescribed in Rule 22.
  • Ready-to-use LBT Classifications are available in the Download Centre in xml format. These files can be downloaded and imported into Tally.ERP 9 and used for stock classifications

Service Tax:

  • The allowable expenses entered for Pure Agent services while recording Reverse Charge transactions is captured in Form ST 3.

Tax Deducted at Source :

  • The provision to record transactions for payment of only the interest/penalty/ late fee or a combination thereof for TDS and TCS is provided. The values of these transactions will be captured in the respective fields of ITNS 281 Challan, Returns and e-TDS/ e-TCS.


Uttarakhand :

  • A new report has been provided to track the receipt of Form 11.

VAT/CST Common :

  • The VAT/Tax classifications provided for multiple CST rates will be displayed in VAT Computation report only if the option – Show CST Details is enabled through F12: Configuration.
    Also, the configurations set for displaying transactions of all VAT/Tax classifications and CST details will be retained while re-generating the report.

International Taxation – Kenya

  • The form, VAT 3A is enhanced as per latest statutory requirements.
  • To capture the relevant information in the enhanced VAT 3A, the following changes have been done in the transaction level:
    • The option – Brief Desc for VAT is now made available for Sales, Credit Note, Debit Note vouchers also.
    • The option to enter Customs Entry No. will be made available in purchase, sale, debit note and credit note vouchers recorded using VAT/Tax Class – Purchases – Imports @ 16%, Imports and Exports
    • The option, Device No- is provided to enter the device number for the Type of Device chosen while recording transaction.
  • VAT 3_Return_Online is supported as per the latest statutory requirements.

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