Offence under GST


Offence under GST

An offence is defined as a breach of a law or rule, i.e. an illegal act. Similarly an offence under GST is a breach of the provisions of the GST Act. There are 21 offences under GST, which we have classified under the following sections, for your easy reference:

Fake or Incorrect Invoices / Bills

A taxable person indulges in the following GST offences:

  • Supplies any goods / services without any invoice or issues a false invoice
  • Issues any invoice or bill without supply of goods and / or services in violation of the provisions of GST
  • Issues invoices using the identification number i.e. GSTIN of another bona-fide taxable person


A taxable person indulges in the following offence under GST:

  • Submits false information while registering under GST
  • Submits fake financial records or documents or files fake returns to evade taxes
  • Does not provide information or provides false information during proceedings

Tax Evasion

A taxable person indulges in the following offences under GST:

  • Collects GST, but does not submit it to the government within 3 months
  • Collects GST by breaking the provisions, but fails to deposit it to the government within 3 months, which will still be treated as an offence under GST
  • Obtains refund of any CGST / SGST by fraud
  • Takes and / or utilizes ITC without actual receipt of goods and / or services
  • Deliberately suppresses his sales to evade taxes

Supply or Transport of Goods

A taxable person indulges in the following offences in GST:

  • Transports goods without proper documents
  • Supplies or transports goods, which he knows will be confiscated
  • Destroys or tampers goods which have been seized

Other offences under GST

A taxable person:

  • Has not registered under GST although he is required to register under the law
  • Does not deduct TDS or deducts less amount than what is applicable
  • Does not collect TCS or collects less amount than what is applicable
  • Takes or distributes input tax credit in violation of the rules, being an Input Service Distributor
  • Obstructs the proper officer during his duty, for instance, during audit
  • Does not maintain all the books that he is required to maintain under the law
  • Destroys any kind of evidence

For all the 21 offences in GST listed above, penalty will be a minimum of INR 10,000, with variations in place, depending of the nature of the offence under GST.

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