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  • Dear Mahadev,

    If you passing provision entry for expenses (Salary Provision)
    Dr. Salary Exp
    Cr. Salary Payable (Under Provision : Current Liability)

    Best Wishes

  • Gurupada Dutta says:

    I have received rs 2900 cash as security deposits towards gas connection and the same paid to company account by cheque. what entry should I made in Tally?

  • Dear Gurupada,

    Whatever you have received as security deposit is your liability because you have repay back to your customer.
    So entry will be
    Dr. Cash / Bank
    Cr. Security Deposit Received (Current Liability)

    Best Wishes

  • alsabah shaikh says:

    how to pass the entry of retention amt in tally , how to create an ledger and voucher entry

  • Dear Rinku,

    If you treat telephone as fixed assets
    Then entry will be
    Dr. Telephone (Fixed Assets)
    Cr Cash / Bank

    or if you treat as expenses
    Then entry will be
    Dr. Telephone Expenses
    Cr. Cash / Bank

    Best Wishes

  • Dear Pragathi,

    In your branch company you have created one head office ledger under branch and division
    When you do provision entry in branch company entry will be
    Dr Exp
    Cr. Exp Payable

    and if payable expenses paid by head office then entry will be
    Dr. Exp Payable
    Cr. Head office Branch

    Best Wishes

  • Deepak Raghvan says:

    when we are passing electricity charges payment by bank entry will be:
    1. Electricity charge dr
    To sewa payabale cr
    2. sewa payableDr
    To Bank
    but here , electricity charges ledger will not close , still shows debit balance, so what entry will pass to rectifty the same:
    Deepak raghvan

  • Respected Sir,
    Being new to this field, i am facing some problems regarding entries in Tally. It would be helpful if you guide me with the entries regarding creating provision for salary and paying it off when we have 1) P.F
    It is a request to contact me through my email as provided and guide me through it.
    Mohanish Das

  • Dear Datta,

    If you are paying PF for your employees
    entry will be
    Dr PF Admin Charges A/c Dr
    Dr. PF Insurance Charges A/C Dr
    Dr. PF Other Charges A/c Dr.
    Dr. PF Payable
    Cr Bank

    Best Wishes

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