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  • Sir,
    Please tell me for a manufacturing company,there is huge losses in current year and there is no work in progress in the beginning of this year.What is the treatment to pass entry in tally??

  • Dear Sir,

    How to pass correct entry for when i give cash to any one for company exp purpose as an loan & adv to XYZ A/c for RS 5000/-(entry – adv to XYZ A/c Dr. -5000/- to Cash A/c -5000/- pass by payment voucher) and then he give the original exp. submitted against adv for site exp. then (entry in tally – Exp. A/c Dr. -5000/- To Adv to XYZ A/c- 5000/- pass by jounal voucher). but when his exp include to given the money for as a adv to ABC A/c. 1000/-then what entry is correct as per accounting policy :- i have given a example for
    1. pass by journal entry
    Exp. A/c Dr. 4000
    Adv to ABC A/c Dr. 1000
    To Adv to XYZ A/c 5000


    2. pass by journal & receipt and payment en
    A. pass journal:-
    Exp. A/c Dr. 4000
    To Adv to XYZ A/c 4000
    B. pass receipt voucher
    cash A/c Dr. 1000
    To Adv to XYZ A/c 1000
    C. pass payment entry
    Adv to ABC A/c Dr. 1000
    To Cash 1000

    give me suggestion for what policy is correct for accounting purpose.


  • Dear Sir,
    I want to know that how to Deduct TDS on Salary and how to prepare TDS receivables entries in tally ERP 9.

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