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  • Dear Mahadev,

    If you passing provision entry for expenses (Salary Provision)
    Dr. Salary Exp
    Cr. Salary Payable (Under Provision : Current Liability)

    Best Wishes

  • Gurupada Dutta says:

    I have received rs 2900 cash as security deposits towards gas connection and the same paid to company account by cheque. what entry should I made in Tally?

  • Dear Gurupada,

    Whatever you have received as security deposit is your liability because you have repay back to your customer.
    So entry will be
    Dr. Cash / Bank
    Cr. Security Deposit Received (Current Liability)

    Best Wishes

  • alsabah shaikh says:

    how to pass the entry of retention amt in tally , how to create an ledger and voucher entry

  • Dear Rinku,

    If you treat telephone as fixed assets
    Then entry will be
    Dr. Telephone (Fixed Assets)
    Cr Cash / Bank

    or if you treat as expenses
    Then entry will be
    Dr. Telephone Expenses
    Cr. Cash / Bank

    Best Wishes

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