The Upcoming Release, Tally.ERP 9 Series A, Release 3.6


New feature of upcoming release 3.6 as below :

  •  Always be ‘AuditReady : 
    • Revised Schedule VI:
      • Generates the complete revised Sch. VI Balance Sheet, P&L and annexure
      • Bifurcate, assign and move ledger amounts to appropriate Schedule VI heads
      • Drill down to voucher level from all Sch. VI reports & notes
    • Tax Audit:
      • Form 3CD, 3CA & 3CB
      • Annexure to all the clauses
      • Specifying/identifying financial data for all clauses
    • Stat Audit:
      • Verification of opening balances, general ledger analysis / scrutiny
      • Clean up redundant masters, negative cash & inventory balances
      • Identify transactions with related parties and MSME
      • Account reconciliation (auto & manual)
      • Third Party confirmations
      • Audit journals
      • CARO report
  •  Banking : 
    • Cheque Management:
      • Auto cheque numbering: No more manual tracking, no more duplicates
      • Support customer & supplier queries: Search vouchers for specific cheque numbers
      • Cheque register: Build an additional layer of control on cheque usage
    • Direct support for Cheque printing:
      • Pre-configured cheque printing: For each bank accept the right image of the cheque to automatically configure Tally.ERP 9 to print on such cheques
      • Vertical/Horizontal Cheque Printing: Full support for printers that require cheque leaves to be in a specific alignment
    • Auto Bank Reconciliation:
      • Automatic reconciliation: Import your bank statements & reconcile with single click
      • Differences: Instantly create or alter a transaction to reconcile
      • Manual: Full or partial manual reconciliation is supported
  • Tally Live Update
      • Get notified and install updates (product & statutory) at the click of a button
      • Optionally schedule the update at a time you define
  • Tally Message Centre
    • Receive regular news from Tally and stay up to date with information on
      • Product releases
      • Subscriptions
      • Add-ons
      • Statutory updates and extensions
  • Enhanced Password Security
    • Define your security policy in line with accepted global practices
      • Specify password strength
      • Mandate password to be changed periodically
      • Prevent old password reuse
      • Mandatory password change on first login


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4 comments on “The Upcoming Release, Tally.ERP 9 Series A, Release 3.6

  • Biswas Gupta says:

    if possible please give me some information on construction model of tally, its price level, send some screen shots.
    It will be very good if i get one trial on that software at any of your authorised tally academy. I live in kalyan, thane, maharashtra.
    I have inquired for this before also.

    Thank you.

  • Rajib Paul says:

    please send me revised schedule VI head under schedule VI parent head in excel format, so that we can restructure our balance sheet and profit & loss in Tally ERP9

  • Manoj Kumar says:

    Is that possible we can export our all debtors list with complete detail. Whose ledger balance also nill they were also exported. Kindly tell me how can we export it. Because it is very useful for maintain our all parties directory.

    Thanks & regards,

    Manoj Kumar

  • sunil Rokade says:

    how to solve the party,s opening balance and our balancee 1) party ledger and 2) is our ledger
    how to find out what is the outstanding <

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